Michael Warren

Hi, I’m Michael and I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I’ve been playing guitar for over 30 years and teaching for over 20. I started playing piano at the age of 6 and played for about 4 years, then through friends I discovered the guitar. I took lessons at the local music shop for a few years and then started playing classical guitar which I studied for over 7 years sitting all the exams required. In my early twenty’s I discovered a love for teaching. I started with a few friends and grew from there. I’ve now been teaching full time for 20 years.

My teaching method has shown amazing results with hundreds of students face to face and thousands online, from beginners to advanced. Over the years I have worked with some music heavy weights including Danny Elfman (The Simpsons theme song and many film scores) and Jonathan Davis (Korn).

I also contributed to the music for Queen of the Damned the sequel to Interview with a Vampire. I have played around the world in many original and cover bands, written jingles for ads, appearing in a few, but have always returned to my first love, teaching.

I have had many success stories when it comes to teaching. While writing my first album I was lucky enough to find a great producer in Scott Kingman (Screaming Jets) and as our friendship developed I worked with Scott to develop his playing even further and take him to the next level, which he had been struggling to get to for some time.






I also taught Matt Klavis (Ne Obliviscaris) who wanted to venture into playing solos but had problems finding the right teacher who knew all the techniques he wanted to apply to his playing. After working together, Matt found himself tearing up the fret board in no time and now continues to play around the world contributing to solos live and on albums.

One of my favourite students was Taylor Sterling. Taylor worked with me for years and loved coming to his lessons. Over time Taylor become a fantastic guitarist and in 2014 become the Guinness World record holder for world’s fastest guitarist, playing at over one thousand beats per minute. Taylor is now a guitar teacher in Japan. Being successful on the guitar is not just about being famous, all my students love playing guitar whether it’s for themselves or being able to have a sing along with their mates.

I believe the courses I have put together are the most comprehensive online today so I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them and I look forward to seeing you progress your playing.


Michael Warren

About Essential Guitar Lessons

Why we started Essential Guitar Lessons. Over the years of teaching the one comment that stands out when most students start with me is “I try to learn online before I gave up and looked for private lessons.” I also had a few students that suffered from high anxiety or had moved and live too far away and found it hard to get to private lesson.

Taking this on board I went online to see what was out there and they were right, there were some good individual lessons and some sites that on the surface were ok, but I couldn’t find anything with a fully structured course or a site that had enough lessons that broke each technique down to make playing as easy and fun as possible.

Most site had 40 or 50 lessons for the beginner which is nowhere near enough to get a good grounding for guitar. I found a lot of sites left important techniques out or started with chords which are too hard for a beginner.

Over the years of teaching I’d put together an easy to follow course that works and is fun, I have taken all the common questions my students have asked and put them into the videos.  This gives you all the information and techniques to practice in your own time and at your own pace.  Being able to access these courses 24/7 has fast tracked a lot of my students playing during the trial period before we launched Essential Guitar Lessons.

When it came to playing lead guitar or doing solos again there was some great individual lessons but a lot of them taught the harder techniques of lead playing and didn’t give you the steps to get to that level, there didn’t seem to be any sites that just looked at playing lead guitar.

I remember the struggles I had to learn all the different techniques to playing lead, I got bits and pieces from books, videos, learnt different things from friends and from teachers. It took me years to find all that information.

This was one of the main drivers for me to put a site together that had everything in one spot so you can concentrate on practicing and not have to spend years looking for what you want. 

 “Once you have learnt a skill no one can take that away from you.” B. B. King.

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