Solo Guitar Lessons For Advanced

Solo Guitar Lessons For Advanced

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Welcome to Essential Guitar Lessons, Solo Guitar Lessons for Advanced. We guarantee to take your guitar solos to the next level. With this course you’ll get all the advanced techniques you need for speed.

The advanced solo online guitar course is for the experienced guitarist. We take all the knowledge you have learnt and develop your skills to make you the ultimate guitarist.

We teach you all the speed scale patterns you’ll ever need as you play your guitar solos as fast as you like, while impressing your friends with 100’s of legato, tapping and sweep arpeggio licks.

You’ll never have to waste time searching the internet for wannabe rock stars showcasing how great they are but not teaching you anything. We show you every guitar solo technique an advanced lead guitarist needs on the one easy to navigate site.

Learn the secrets to improvising, writing your own solos and using all the shred exercises in your solo playing as you understand all the theory behind all the skills you know.

You’ll never find a new skill too hard, with an easy to follow arrow, close-ups of both hands and onscreen tabs and scale charts you get everything in one spot.

You’re never alone if you have any questions you can use the contact the teacher button and we’ll get back to you with a quick response.

So, come and join thousands of students learning how to play lead guitar the right way and getting better results than ever before.


Level 1 - Harmonic Minor Scales, Modes, the Chromatic, Diminished and Whole Tone Scales

  • Introduction to Advanced Lead – Scales 1m Free Preview

  • 1st Position Harmonic Minor Scales 4m Free Preview

Level 2 - Tapping Patterns-Tapping scales-string skipping and tapping-tapping arpeggios

Level 3 - Legato Patterns-Scale legato patterns-picking patterns as legato

Level 4 - Sweeps-7th sweeps-6 string sweeps-tapping and sweeping

Level 5 - Building Speed with Scales-2 and 3 string patterns-scales patterns-string skipping and joining scales

Level 6 - Improvising-How to improvise using all guitar techniques