Intermediate Guitar Solo Course

Intermediate Guitar Solo Course

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Welcome to Essential Guitar Lessons Intermediate Lead Guitar Course.  You’ll be amazed at how fast you can improve your guitar solos when you learn the right way.

Save time searching online, with every technique a lead guitarists needs on the one easy to navigate website. Our step-by-step lessons, all skills are broken down to their core, you’ll never get frustrated or stuck in one spot.

Learn the easy way to build speed and discover the secrets to playing your favorite guitar solos when you understand all the theory behind the techniques.

Apply all the skills you’ve learnt to your guitar solos, with more licks to make your solos sound unique as you fast track your improvising and construct your own guitar solos using chords and all the skills you’ve mastered.

With this method, you’ll never feel rushed, get stuck or find a new skill too hard, with an easy to follow arrow, close-ups of both hands and onscreen tabs, scales and chord charts you get everything in one spot and learn how to play lead guitar the right way.

We have the most comprehensive Intermediate lead guitar lessons online today. We show you the right way the 1st time, and you’re never alone if you have any questions you can use the contact the teacher button and we’ll get back to you with a quick response.

With these lead guitar lessons you can progress at your own speed with access 24/7 on all devices.

So, come and join 1000’s of students learning how to play lead guitar the right way and getting better results than ever before.


Level 1 - Alternate picking, 1st and 2nd position G Major Scales, slides, natural harmonics and tapping

Level 2 - 3rd and 4th position G Major Scales, different tunings, octave chords, licks and tapping

Level 3 - 5th and 6th position G Major Scales, licks, tapping and 3 string sweeps

Level 4 - 7th position G Major Scale and how to change keys, licks and joining 3 string sweeps

Level 5 - Licks, hammer ons and what is and how to play pedal tones

Level 6 - Tapping, pedal tones and harmonics

Level 7 - Major Scale and Pentaonic Scale theory the circle of 5ths and 5 string sweeps

Level 8 - The Natural Minor Scales and how to change keys and pull offs

Level 9 - How to create chords, diatonic chords and chord progressions, tapping and joining 5 string sweeps

Level 10 - Pull offs and hammer ons, tapping and improvising

Level 11 - 1st position Major Octave Scale, tapping, improvising and joining 3 and 5 string sweeps

Level 12 - 2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th position Major Octave Scales, tapping and improvising

Level 13 - 6th and 7th position Octave Scales, tapping, improvising and 5 string sweeps

Level 14 - 1st position caged Major Scale, improvising, 5 string sweeps and 1 string Major scales

Level 15 - 2nd position caged Major scale, improvising, 2 string sweeps and 1 string Major scales

Level 16 - All caged Major Scales, improvising, 4 string sweeps and 1 string Major Scales