Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

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Learning How To Play Guitar

Guitar lessons for beginners

Welcome to Essential Guitar Lessons, we give you all the skills to play 1000’s of your favourite songs by the time you finish the beginners guitar course.

With our teaching method, you’ll discover how much fun guitar lessons for beginners can be and how to play songs in minutes. We show you how to play guitar the right way and have made it easy to get great results from day 1.

Practice will never feel like a chore, with this beginner guitar course each lesson is based around learning with songs to build and master all the techniques.  You will be amazed at how fast your playing will progress with easy step by step lessons and teaching you all the techniques a beginner guitarists needs to move through each level and complete this course.

Playing guitar is an amazing feeling and with our guitar for beginners method you’ll never feel rushed, get stuck or find a new skill too hard.  We have an easy to follow arrow, close-ups of both hands and onscreen tabs, scales and chord charts you get everything in one spot.  You will save months if not years of wasted practice.

We have the most comprehensive beginner guitar course online today. We show you the right way the 1st time, as you learn how to play guitar you’re never alone.  If you have any questions you can use the contact the teacher button and we’ll get back to you with a quick response.

All guitar lessons for beginners are fun and easy for all ages.  With our guitar lessons you can progress at your own speed with access 24/7 on all devices and all with downloadable tabs and charts.

So, come and join 1000’s of students learning how to play guitar for beginners the right way and getting better results than ever before.


Fundamentals - What you need to buy to complete these courses

Foundation - Level 1 - 10 Easy Guitar Songs using 1 string & 1 finger - Reading Tab

Foundation - Level 3 – 1 String 4 Finger Songs

Foundation - Level 4 – 10 2 string All finger songs/Hand Stretches

Foundation - Level 5 - 10 3 strings all fingers songs

Essential Techniques - Level 6 - The E and Em Chords, Transitions and Power Chords

Essential Techniques - Level 7 - The A Open Chord and Chord Transitions

Essential Techniques - Level 8 - 10 E and A Chord Songs

Essential Techniques - Level 9 - Power Chords/Minor Pentatonic Scale

Essential Techniques - Level 10 - The D Chord, Transitions, 10 Songs

Essential Techniques - Level 11 - 2nd Power Chord, 10 Songs/Strumming Patterns

Essential Techniques - Level 12 - The G Chord, Transitions and 10 Songs

Essential Techniques - Level 13 - Palm Muting Power Chords and 10 Songs

Essential Techniques - Level 14 - The C and Am Chords, Transitions, 10 Songs/12 Bar Blues

Essential Techniques - Level 15 – Naming the Notes on the Neck/How to name the Power Chords

Essential Techniques - Level 16 - The Dm and F Chords, Transitions and 10 Songs

Essential Techniques - Level 17 – Changing chords Faster/Basic Music/Timing