Terms of Use

Terms of Use

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Purchase Order Terms and Conditions:

If the customer does not have a written agreement with Essential Guitar Lessons then the terms of the Essential Guitar Lessons standard invoice shall be controlling. Because of the nature of information systems, the pricing information contained in the Essential Guitar Lessons order processing system is considered definitive and will be used for pricing and invoicing your orders. The pricing information on this site has been provided solely for your information and convenience. Please note that the pricing information shown may be further subject to taxes and other charges as well as discounts.

Written Agreement Terms and Pricing

If the customer (or customer’s group purchasing organization) has a written agreement with Essential Guitar Lessons, then the specific terms and pricing of such written agreement will be controlling. In some limited circumstances, there may be a difference among the pricing information provided on-line at this site and the pricing information contained in such written agreements. It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with all such agreements.


Free Trial period and Money Back Guarantee

These are one in the same.  When you subscribe with us you get 1 months free trial, this is your money back guarantee period as we have not taken any money from your account as yet.  We do this to avoid any transaction fees that would be incurred on both of our accounts if we had to refund you during your trial period.
Post one month (trial period) you will be charged your chosen subscription cost (monthly/Yearly) ongoing until you tell us to stop via email, or from the site (Contact the teacher/web form) or you have full control at any time to go to your ‘My Account’ > ‘Subscriptions’ tab > View > then click the ‘Cancel’ button.   we will take care of the rest. 
We have made it that easy because we don’t want to lock anyone in to an agreement that is not getting value out of. We love the content we have created and know you will too.